Halle (Saale), 23.11.2021. PerioTrap has received the official statement of its first Scientific Advisory Board Meeting which was held on October 19th at the company’s offices.

The board consists of leaders and experts in the field of drug design, periodontitis fundamental and clinical research, microbiology as well as pharmaceutical technology. The shared feedback of its internal discussion endorses PerioTrap’s Research Program which was found to be “up and running in a remarkable short time frame. Both drug programs showed significant progress in the last year.”

Dr. Mirko Buchholz, CSO and Co-Founder of PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals states: “We are very happy to welcome these highly recognized experts of the periodontal and drug development fields and to share with them our latest research advancements. To receive such a positive opinion and advice makes us proud and very much confirms us to keep following our route of development.”

PerioTrap’s longterm release formulation of minocycline is about to enter clinical testing while its new chemical entity that addresses the microbiome shift in periodontitis is currently being tested in vivo. In general, it is being advised to stay focused to achieve the next critical milestones.

If you would like to learn more about our programs check out our latest publications.

Halle (Saale), 16.08.2021. Infectious diseases are often treated with broadband antibiotics that act against a great range of bacteria. The systemic application of antibiotics always has a negative impact of the person’s body, frequently noticeable by side effect on the gastrointestinal tract. In cases like periodontitis, where keystone pathogens disrupt the homoeostasis of a well balanced  and diverse microbiota, the eradication of the majority of bacteria poses an even a greater risk. A recurrence of the pathology is almost inevitable if the oral microbiota stays in dysbiosis as pathogens are more likely to colonize when beneficial effects of the commensals are missing. In order to deliver targeted treatments against the disease-causing pathogens, PerioTrap has now been awarded two public grants by the German Federal State of Saxony-Anhalt, AMEPA and ParoStop, with money from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The received funding will be used to progress PerioTrap’s inhibitors and the according delivery technology that ensures a sustained drug release at the site of infection into regulatory stages.