PerioTrap receives additional public grant to support non-clinical safety and efficacy of its microbiome shifting approach

Halle (Saale), 23.05.2022. Antimicrobial resistance continues to be on the rise despite increased public awareness. According to a study published in The Lancet, resistant germs were directly responsible for 1.27 million deaths worldwide and played a part in 3.68 million additional deaths [Murray et al., 2022]. One of the main causes of rising resistance is incautious prescription behavior by physicians, as well as the use of antibiotics by patients themselves. Interestingly, more than every 8th antibiotic is prescribed by dentists [zm online, 2022]. PerioTrap’s contribution to the solution of this global societal challenge lies on the one hand in the development of local dosage forms: Due to their dosing they provoke lower resistances and at the same time do not trigger systemic resistance effects (e.g. in infectious co-morbidities). On the other hand, PerioTrap is developing highly specific active substances that are directed exclusively against pathogenic germs and their virulence, therefore, possibly avoiding the use of important broad-spectrum antibiotics. PerioTrap has now been awarded a third publicly funded project by IB Sachsen-Anhalt to test these substance’s preclinical safety and efficacy with the help of further project partners.